Month: January 2017

When you’re pasty in summer but trying to stay fit


Pasty summer sprints

Keep to the shadows, stay in the shade!

When you’re bone-pale and pasty, you have a love-hate relationship with summer. You either have to keep to the shade at all times, making strategic dashes from one dappled area to the next, or you have to dip yourself in a vat of sunscreen.

Going for a jog around the block also becomes an exercise in strategy: which area affords the most shade? Should you get up at 6am to avoid the sun? Or should you cover every inch of skin?

Nasty sun.


Video Games VS Real Life


video games vs real life

This is real life: don’t try it at home

In video games it’s easy to make friends. You walk up to a person, press ‘x’, and BAM they’re telling you their life story.

In real life there is no ‘x’ to start a conversation. You must be charming and suave all on your own. Seeing as how most of us can’t progress past “Lovely weather we’re having today…” or “Gosh the bus is late.”, it seems our quests will never be finished.

NEVER MIND. I’m lazy and don’t need the XP anyway.