Month: February 2017

The Summer Sun in the South takes no prisoners


summer sun and sunburn

Charred to a crisp

This is the second time I’m making reference to the scorching summer sun. That’s because it’s actually brutal.

U.V. in New Zealand reaches high levels (today it is predicted by NIWA to peak at 11 on the scale). NIWA UV Prediction New ZealandThese levels are reached thanks to proximity to the Antarctic ozone hole, earth’s elliptical orbit (which takes us closer to the sun in our summer than the North), and cleaner air (pollution acts as a buffer – what a twist).

You could have tip-top melanin production down here, and still come out crispy at the end of the day. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and shade are essential for survival in our summer sun. Go without at your peril.


Running in Winter


running in winter

Pick it all up on the way back

How do runners in snowy winter climates handle it? The cold is lovely, 10/10 would enjoy again, but you do have to rug up. And when you go running, of course you sweat. So either you wear minimal clothes and trust yourself to heat up on the way, or you start out all snuggly and later strip it off.


Don’t know. But good on you for getting out there in the snow.


The Valentine’s Day Plan


valentine's day plan

Your tum says thank you

Valentine’s Day! A day to celebrate all the discount chocolate! If you don’t have a partner or significant other, don’t be sad, you have 50% off heart-shaped chocolates and absolutely no obligation to share them with anyone.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about chocolate and candy, though. It actually stems from a Christian liturgical feast day celebrating several Saints called Valentine (or Valentinus) from the 2nd century AD. As per the path to sainthood in those days, these Valentines were executed for carrying out their priestly duties. There isn’t much more detail than that, that’s not attributed to legend.

Read the Wikipedia page for more.