Month: March 2017

Smashed Avocado Caused The Housing Crisis


smashed avocado caused the housing crisis

Dastardly Avocado…this is your fault!

There’s a big stink at the moment because many people in Auckland, New Zealand cannot afford to buy a house. This is because the average house price is $1 million.

NZ Herald, our national rag, thinks it knows the real reason why people can’t afford a house. It’s because we spend too much on smashed avocado and flat white breakfasts at cafes on the weekend. In a flash of original reporting, the Herald decided to jump on Australia’s ‘Avo-Gate’ bandwagon and point the same finger at NZ Millenials (see the original article here – it’s so much funnier than what the Herald wrote).

So, maybe if we, like, cut it down to, like, one flat white and shared a plate of smashed avo on toast, we’d totally be able to afford that $700,000 house in Glenfield that used to be a P-lab.


Deus Ex: Recycling Ammo


Deus Ex Recycling

Who needs guns when you have trash to throw


When I started Deus Ex: Mankind Divided up for the third time (previous two times having failed on average computers. This is not a game for average computers) I was amazed at the sheer. amount. of. stuff everywhere. Forget ammo, recycling trash is where it’s at. And the stuff is not just lying there, it’s all stuff you can interact with!

If you want to distract a guard you don’t need to limit yourself to a trash can or vending machine. You can choose any one of the coffee cups or archive boxes lying around. You can kick things. You can knock things over with your butt. It’s awesome!

Deus Ex: making recycling cool.


When Journalism Turns to Clickbait


NZ Herald Journalism turns Clickbait

Six examples of terrible journalism; you won’t BELIEVE number three!


Sadly the national rag has gone a bit downhill. The quality of grammar, spelling, and content has taken a noticeable dive since at least five years ago (did the job cuts and restructuring have something to do with it?).

All the titles used in this comic come from today’s online NZ Herald alone (except the one about dog turds, but I wouldn’t put it past them).

I feel for the writers that are under a lot of pressure to churn out content that will inform, entertain, and lead to sales. Unfortunately this leads to a lot of mistakes, poor content, and profligate use of clickbait titles.

And yet, at 3pm I still find myself wondering what type of bread I am.