January 2018

  • The gang does Christmas right


  • Take a back seat, Beyoncé, we all got nice legs here
  • Adventures in London part 2: Bargain hunting
  • Adventures in London part 1: Know Thy Neighbour
  • Adventure time in London city


  • A banister as barista with a barrister
  • When a barrister is a barista
  • Living in a city of 8 million people be like…


  • Avoiding spoilers this week like…
  • Cos I’m leeeeeaving on a jet plane
  • Moses parting a different sort of sea


  • Get you a designer who cares about the details
  • Tough decisions to make when designing a website
  • How to label your stuff in an office environment


  • Caving in to Netflix
  • Celebrating your birthday before your friends…
  • Perfectly Adapted to Cold Weather
  • Donald Trump and the Paris Agreement


  • When things smell delicious but are not.
  • And the award for Good Egg goes to…
  • A Girlfriend Wears a Polygraph


  • Resting Bitch Face strikes again
  • True Friendship Knows No Bounds
  • Deus Ex: The Hairclip of Betrayal
  • Deus Ex: A Serious Love of Cereal
  • When you’re not normally a beer drinker, and have to drink beer
  • Toastmasters is where leaders and breakfast is made
  • If Shakespeare’s Witches were Flatmates


  • When you’re planning on being SUPER productive this weekend
  • Smashed avocado caused the Housing Crisis
  • Deus Ex: Recycling Ammo
  • When Journalism Turns to Clickbait
  • Legolas challenges you to a Dance-Off


  • Hobbits and Crossfit Athletes are much alike
  • Deus Ex: Dance Dance Revolution [GIF]
  • The Summer Sun takes no Prisoners
  • Running in Winter
  • Valentine’s Day Plan
  • An Assassin must master the art of blending
  • Overconfidence at the Gym

    January 2017

  • When you’re pasty in summer but trying to stay fit
  • Ancient civilisations planned ahead
  • What do your elf eyes see, Legolas?
  • Video Games vs Real Life
  • When ladies go for a night on the town
  • New Unit of Measurement
  • Deus Ex: Back To Work
  • Always Cake
  • Don’t Stop Until You Reach Your Goals
  • Deus Ex: Checking Emails
  • Favourite Smells
  • Stages of Running
  • Deus Ex: Moving Day
  • Let Them Eat Cake
  • Eat the Damn Doughnut
  • Batman’s Weakness
  • An Unspoken Bond
  • Old Age
  • A New Year’s Resolution
  • Diogenes the Philosopher