Smashed Avocado Caused The Housing Crisis


smashed avocado caused the housing crisis

Dastardly Avocado…this is your fault!

There’s a big stink at the moment because many people in Auckland, New Zealand cannot afford to buy a house. This is because the average house price is $1 million.

NZ Herald, our national rag, thinks it knows the real reason why people can’t afford a house. It’s because we spend too much on smashed avocado and flat white breakfasts at cafes on the weekend. In a flash of original reporting, the Herald decided to jump on Australia’s ‘Avo-Gate’ bandwagon and point the same finger at NZ Millenials (see the original article here – it’s so much funnier than what the Herald wrote).

So, maybe if we, like, cut it down to, like, one flat white and shared a plate of smashed avo on toast, we’d totally be able to afford that $700,000 house in Glenfield that used to be a P-lab.